About Us

Since opening our doors in 2009, Allstate has grown into one of Chicago’s premiere concrete cutting and selective demolition contractors. Our goal is to provide quality, reliable services, with a focus on safety and professionalism. We also take the needs of our clients time constraints and will supply sufficient man power to meet any deadlines. Once we get on site, you will have full communication from our on the ground foreman and project managers.

At Allstate, safety is of paramount importance which is why we take pride in our safety track record. As of 2023, we hold an EMR rating of .83 and 0 OSHA-Recordable Incidents with over 500k man hours.

We’re also proud to be a full union shop signatory with Local Laborers 225, Local Operators 150 & Local Plumbers 130.

Allstate is certified MBE, DBE & BEPD contractor within Illinois, Wisconsin & Indiana.