Core Drilling

Core Drilling

Allstate Concrete Cutting is one of the premier concrete cutting and core drilling service companies in Illinois. Core drilling is the most cost-effective, professional way to cut circular holes in concrete, plaster and rendering. We provide a complete range of core drilling and concrete drilling services. We deal with both residential and commercial projects, and we use the latest tools for high quality construction work.

Our core drilling equipment is designed to drill through steel beams, concrete slabs, brick and concrete walls. Our core drills and other cutting equipment are of the highest quality and well maintained. With us, core drilling is a dust-free process. The drill is cooled with running water to eliminate dust that ensures peace of mind and leaves behind a healthy and a safe environment.

Core Drilling has many applications

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical & HVAC installations
  • Creating holes for routing cables
  • Placing anchoring bolts
  • Holes for dowel bars
  • Analyzing of structures, rock or strata
  • Driveway / Sidewalk Lighting

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